List of Upcoming IPO in India – IPO CALENDER 2021

Here is the list of Upcoming IPO in 2021 in India. The companies have drafted DRHP with SEBI for Initial Public Offer (IPO) to change their company identity from Private Limited to Limited. The company needs to file DRHP (draft red herring prospectus) and then final RHP (red herring prospectus) for IPO. SEBI approves the Initial Public Offer for the companies and then they go for the IPO.

List of Upcoming IPOs

Upcoming IPOIPO SizeTentative Dates
Sansera Engineering IPO1283 Cr.14-SEP-2021 TO 16-SEP-2021
Ami Organics IPO569.64 Cr.01-SEP-2021 TO 03-SEP-2021
Vijaya Diagnostic IPO1894.26 Cr.01-SEP-2021 TO 03-SEP-2021
Aptus Value IPO2780 CR.10-AUG-2021 TO 12-AUG-2021
Chemplast Sanmar IPO3850 Cr.10-AUG-2021 TO 12-AUG-2021
Nuvoco Vistas IPO5000 Cr.09-AUG-2021 TO 11-AUG-2021
CarTrade Tech IPO2998.51 Cr.09-AUG-2021 TO 11-AUG-2021
Krsnaa Diagnostics IPO1211 Cr.04-AUG-2021 TO 06-AUG-2021
Exxaro Tiles IPO161 Cr.04-AUG-2021 TO 06-AUG-2021
Devyani International IPO1838 Cr.04-AUG-2021 TO 06-AUG-2021
Windlas Biotech IPO401.53 Cr.04-AUG-2021 TO 06-AUG-2021
Rolex Rings IPO731 Cr.28-JULY-2021 TO 30-JULY-2021
Glenmark Life Science IPO1000 Cr.27-JULY-2021 TO 29-JULY-2021
Tatva Chintan IPO500 Cr.16-JULY-2021 TO 20-JULY-2021
Zomato IPO9375 Cr.14-JULY-2021 TO 16-JULY-2021
Clean Science IPO1546.62 Cr.07-JULY-2021 TO 09-JULY-2021
G R Infraprojects IPO963.27 Cr.07-JULY-2021 TO 09-JULY-2021
India Pesticides IPO800 Cr.23-JUNE-2021 TO 25-JUNE-2021
Kims IPO2143.74 Cr.16-JUNE-2021 TO 18-JUNE-2021
Dodla Dairy IPO520 Cr.16-JUNE-2021 TO 18-JUNE-2021
Sona Comstar IPO6000 Cr.14-JUNE-2021 TO 16-JUNE-2021
Shyam Metalics IPO909 Cr.14-JUNE-2021 TO 16-JUNE-2021
Lodha Developers IPO2500 Cr.07-APR-2021 TO 09-APR-2021
Barbeque Nation1200 Cr.24-MAR-2021 TO 26-MAR-2021
Suryoday SFB582.34 Cr.17-MAR-2021 TO 19-MAR-2021
Nazara Technologies582.90 Cr.17-MAR-2021 TO 19-MAR-2021
Kalyan Jewellers1175 Cr.16-MAR-2021 TO 18-MAR-2021
Anupam Rasayan760 Cr.12-MAR-2021 TO 16-MAR-2021
Laxmi Organic600 Cr.15-MAR-2021 TO 17-MAR-2021
Craftman Automation823.70 Cr.15-MAR-2021 TO 17-MAR-2021
EaseMyTrip510 Cr.08-MAR-2021 TO 10-MAR-2021
MTAR Technologies596.41 Cr.03-MAR-2021 TO 05-MAR-2021
Heranba Industries625 Cr.23-FEB-2021 TO 25-FEB-2021
Railtel 819 Cr.16-FEB-2021 TO 18-FEB-2021
Nureca Limited100 Cr.15-FEB-2021 TO 17-FEB-2021
Brookfield India REIT 3800 Cr.03-FEB-2021 TO 05-FEB-2021
Stove Kraft 950 Cr.25-JAN-2021 TO 28-JAN-2021
Home First Finance1153.72 Cr.21-JAN-2021 TO 25-JAN-2021
Indigo Paints1169 Cr.20-JAN-2021 TO 22-JAN-2021
IRFC 4633 Cr.18-JAN-2021 TO 20-JAN-2021
Antony Waste300 Cr.21-DEC-2020 TO 23-DEC-2020
Mrs. Bectors Food550 Cr.15-DEC-2020 TO 17-DEC-2020
Burger King810 Cr.02-DEC-2020 TO 04-DEC-2020
Gland Pharma6480 Cr.09-NOV-2020 TO 11-NOV-2020
Equitas Small Finance Bank280 Cr.20-OCT-2020 TO 22-OCT-2020