Multibagger Stock: This Smallcap Steel Stock has jumped more than 1,100% a Year

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Shares of Lesha Industries Ltd., a small stock exchange company in Ahmedabad, gave back a number of shares last year. The stock closed at 52 weeks with a rise of R29.05, an increase of 1,186% from its previous year price of R2.33. An investment of ₹ 1,00,00 in Lesha one year ago would cost ₹ 11,04,002 today.

Shares are currently locked in the top 5%. They have been hitting the top circuit for the last twelve sessions in a row.

The company is primarily involved in the trade and production of various metal products. The company also operates in the stock market with stocks and stocks and has an information technology and integrated services division. In addition to the large businesses mentioned above, the company is also involved in the commercialization of various toy items.

Looking at the short term, the script has risen 462.02% in the last 6 months from its 5.15 value. Similarly, last month’s profits are also impressive: 104.93% or higher from its ₹ 14.42 monthly quote. Therefore, ₹ 1,00,000 invested in the last 6 months would have generated a profit of R4,44,660.

The company’s public shares stand at 58.01%, while the developers own the remaining 41.99% of the company. The company has also adjusted its debt at equity ratio to reach 0.3 billion for the 2020-21 financial year from 0.6 reported last year.

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