SME IPO Prospectus PDF – Draft and Red Herring Prospectus India

A list of SME IPO Prospectus PDF from India Stock Market. Download SME IPO prospectus of a company which is filed or approved by the exchange. IPO prospectus provides end-to-end detail about the issuer company and the public issue.

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) companies can raise fund through public and get listed at the stock exchanges in India. NSE and BSE offer a dedicated platform for SME companies, BSE SME Platform and NSE Emerge platform. Note that the SME IPO prospectus document goes to the respective exchange for approval, unlike mainboard IPO prospectus which goes to SEBI.

SME Company has to choose either BSE or NSE as a platform to bring IPO. The SME stocks can be traded only on the exchange where the company is listed.

Company NameExchangeDRHP PDFRHP PDF
Kesar India LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
B Right Realestate LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Jayant Infratech LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
SKP Bearing Industries LimitedNSE SMEDRHPRHP
Veerkrupa Jewellers LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Sailani Tours N Travels LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Mangalam Worldwide LimitedNSE SMEDRHPRHP
Modi's Navnirman LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Pearl Green Clubs and Resorts LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
KCK Industries LimitedNSE SMEDRHPRHP
Goel Food Products LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Scarnose International LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Silver Pearl Hospitality & Luxury Spaces LtdBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Fidel Softech LimitedNSE SMEDRHPRHP
Globesecure Technologies LimitedNSE SMEDRHPRHP
Rachana Infrastructure LimitedNSE SMEDRHPRHP
Sonu Infratech LimitedNSE SMEDRHPRHP
Nanavati Ventures LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Fone4 Communications (India) LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Le Merite Exports LimitedNSE SMEDRHPRHP
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Global Longlife Hospital and Research LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Eighty Jewellers LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Sunrise Efficient Marketing LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP
Dhyaani Tile And Marblez LimitedBSE SMEDRHPRHP