LIC Policyholder(s) IPO Reservation – Explained

Eligible Policyholder for reserved category in LIC IPO is the “LIC policyholder whose PAN number is linked to the policy as of February 28, 2022”.

LIC IPO will have a reserved quota and special discount for the eligible policyholders.

LIC Policyholders Reserved Quota Size

LIC IPO reserved up to 10% of the total issue size for LIC policyholders. The policyholder’s reserve category will be similar to the retail category but it may have a special discount.

Discount for LIC Policyholders in LIC IPO

There may be a discount in LIC IPO for eligible LIC policyholder who bids in the reserved category for policyholders. The discount will be announced along with the price band of the public issue, usually a couple of days before the IPO open.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply for more than one application in LIC IPO if I have multiple LIC policies with the same PAN number?

Only one IPO application is allowed in the reserved category of LIC IPO for LIC policyholders. It doesn’t matter how many LIC policies you hold. The thumb rule is one individual (one pan number) = one IPO application in a category.
2. How many shares are reserved for LIC policyholders in LIC IPO?

Up to 10% shares are reserved for Eligible Policyholder(s) in LIC IPO as per DRHP. Note that the reservation is only for policyholders whose PAN number is linked to one of the policies.
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