Multibagger penny stock is on an upper circuit; Up 730% in 6 months

Multibagger Penny Stock
Zenith Steel Pipes & Industries Multibagger Penny Stocks

Shares of Zenith Steel Pipes & Industries Limited granted a multibagger return of 730.44% over the past six months as their share price increased from R1.15 to R9.55. This means that if R1,00,000 had been invested in the company’s stocks six months ago, the value of the holdings would have been R8,30,440.

The allocation has been affecting the top circuit since 15 March 2022, 54 consecutive sessions and is currently locked inside at a price of ₹ 9.55.

The company’s share price increased by 20.13% over the past five days, by 165.28% last month, by 905.26% last year and by 1023.53% over the past five years. So, even if the investor had invested in the previous month, they would have received a multibagger return.

Zenith Steel Pipes & Industries Ltd is a large stock exchange with R123.78 crores. Its promoters own 15.64% of the company’s shares and 0.20% of its pledged shares. Most of the shares, about 84% are owned by the public.

It was established in 1960 and is involved in the production and sale of SAW and ERW pipelines. The company also manufactures the HSAW pipeline for bulk water transport.


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