SME IPO Subscription Status – Live from BSE SME, NSE Emerge 2022

SME IPO subscription is the number of times a community SME is subscribed on a BSE SME or NSE Emerge platform. The exchange offers live subscription status for the SME IPO on its website with bids received by them. We publish live IPO subscriptions for current SME IPOs and final bid details from the last subscription date for all SME IPOs in the past.

A small and medium-sized business (SME) raises a fund and is listed in the stock SME by providing its shares with the IPO First Public Service Delivery. A public company that receives bids from investors for shares offered by the SME IPO is over-registered if it receives a bid for more than the amount offered.

Live SME IPO subscription assists key stock market investors in a number of ways:

  • The state of SME IPO subscription provides details about the need for shares. High demand means that the investor can expect better listing benefits.
  • Retail investors can choose an IPO category based on a subscription number i.e. Retail or HNI.
  • Investors can decide if it is appropriate to go for IPO Funding based on BSE and NSE IPO subscription status.
  • IPO subscription data plays a role in moving the IPO market average to gray.
Company Name Close Date Size (Rs Cr) QIB (x) NII (x) Retail (x) Total (x) Applications
Maiden Forgings LimitedMar 27, 20230.480.360.130.23158 (0.14x)
Command Polymers LimitedMar 21, 20237.091.810.981.39305 (1.02x)
Dev Labtech Venture LimitedMar 21, 202311.222.658.245.474,938 (9.46x)
Nirman Agri Genetics LimitedMar 20, 202320.301.222.201.711,787 (2.20x)
Bright Outdoor Media LimitedMar 17, 202355.481.391.151.272,139 (1.19x)
Quality Foils (India) LimitedMar 16, 20234.52464.50259.65364.3846,477 (259.65x)
Labelkraft Technologies LimitedMar 15, 20234.7546.8459.8453.4214,055 (68.56x)
VELS Film International LimitedMar 14, 202333.741.220.971.101,310 (0.97x)
Sudarshan Pharma Industries LtdMar 14, 202350.101.010.811.201.063,005 (1.32x)
Prospect Commodities LimitedMar 13, 20237.486.853.765.311,191 (4.09x)
MCON Rasayan India LimitedMar 10, 20236.84307.09453.41384.641,22,420 (429.54x)
Vertexplus Technologies LimitedMar 06, 202314.201.4335.1515.5311.01
Systango Technologies LimitedMar 06, 202334.8214.10230.3666.5964.99
ResGen LimitedMar 02, 202328.201.093.873.882.50
ITCONS E-Solutions LimitedMar 02, 20238.6716.1217.4516.79
Amanaya Ventures LimitedFeb 28, 20232.760.772.731.75
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes LimitedFeb 28, 202315.507.128.387.75
SVJ Enterprises LimitedFeb 28, 20236.122.100.891.49
Patron Exim LimitedFeb 24, 202316.690.971.171.07
Sealmatic India LimitedFeb 21, 202356.248.7130.2212.0616.61
Macfos LimitedFeb 21, 202323.7421.60659.99268.45193.87
Viaz Tyres LimitedFeb 21, 202320.005.336.255.79
Agarwal Float Glass India LimitedFeb 15, 20239.
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products LimitedFeb 13, 20234.8887.5664.4175.98
Indong Tea Company LimitedFeb 13, 202313.012.177.764.97
Shera Energy LimitedFeb 09, 202335.208.73190.1251.3047.36
Earthstahl & Alloys LimitedJan 31, 202312.9639.83445.09191.77235.18
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals LimitedJan 30, 20234.5833.6542.2337.94
Transvoy Logistics India LimitedJan 24, 20235.11200.00168.67184.34
DHARNI Capital Services LimitedJan 20, 202310.746.326.836.57
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience LimitedJan 19, 202313.05285.84149.59217.72
Ducol Organics And Colours LimitedJan 11, 202331.5158.1531.1144.63
Eastern Logica Infoway LimitedJan 09, 202316.941.921.561.74
Chaman Metallics LimitedJan 06, 202324.21255.92159.85207.88
Rex Sealing and Packing Industries LimitedJan 04, 20238.092.003.302.65
SVS Ventures LimitedJan 04, 202311.240.532.011.27
Anlon Technology Solutions LimitedJan 02, 202315.0054.53883.58447.06428.62