Nureca IPO Allotment Status – Here How To Check

Nureca IPO
Nureca IPO | Nureca IPO 2021 | Nureca IPO allotment Status

The date for the distribution of the Nureca IPO is 24 February 2021, Wednesday.

The IPO is listed in the T Group and that was one of the reasons why GMP did not appear but is now there and almost Rs.100.

The registration numbers tell us how we are looking for the Nureca IPO.

We would expect a good listing but the regional limit on the date of listing will be only 5% of the price. Check out the Nureca IPO share status online.

You can check the Nureca assignment with the options provided below.

Nureca IPO allotment status

Nureca IPO Allotment & Listing Details

The allocation date for the Nureca IPO is 23 February 2021 but the allocation can be reached on 24 February 2021. According to the subscription number, the base of the Nureca IPO will be approximately 160: 1.

Nureca IPO Allotment DateAllotment is Out
Nureca Listing Date26 Feb 21
Nureca IPO Basis of Allotment160:1

Check Nureca IPO Allotment Here:

Log on to

Note: Nureca IPO Allotment Status will be available whenever the Registrar of IPO will put on their official sites.

Nureca limited IPO Details

Issue OpenFeb 15, 2021
Issue CloseFeb 17, 2021
IPO Price₹400
Face Value₹10
IPO Size₹100.00 Cr
Listing AtBSE, NSE
IPO Lot Size35

Nureca IPO Allotment FAQs

1) When is Nureca’s limited IPO allocation expected?
Nureca’s limited state of the IPO will be available on February 23, 2021, according to the timeline provided in the red-herring prospectus.
2) How can you assess the status of the Nureca limited IPO Allotment?
Below are steps to check Nureca’s limited IPO status online:
Visit Nureca’s limited IPO status page.
Click on the green Nureca limited IPO Allotment Status.
Enter any PAN number, application number or DP client ID of the data account to check Nureca’s allocated IPO state status.
Click Search.
Note: The disabled button indicates that the assignment is not yet available online.
The result of the assignment looks as follows:
PAN number .: AHMLK1898J
Application number: RL041213805307
Name: Mr. Rajveer Singh
Stocks Used: 40
Shares Shared: 40
3) What is the expected listing price for Nureca limited IPO?
The expected listing price for Nureca limited IPO depends on a number of factors including demand, type of business, market environment and economic situation. Nureca’s premium limited IPO market market offers an idea but the price of a real list is hard to predict.
4) Where can you check Nureca’s limited IPO status?
Nureca limited IPO allocation status is expected on Feb. 23, 2021. Click the green button Nureca’s limited IPO status above to check out the allocation. Note that the button remains disabled until the assignment is available online.
5) On what basis are Nureca limited IPO shares allocated to retail investors?
If Nureca is limited to the highest registered IPO in the sales category, shares of Nureca limited IPO will be distributed equally to individual retailers (RII). Each investor who sells will receive a minimum of 1 share depending on the availability of shares in the sale segment. If enough stock is not available, a lottery is drawn to select investors.
6) When will the Nureca limited IPO be listed?
Shares of Nureca limited IPO will be listed on Thursday, February 25, 2021. Nureca Limited’s budget will be calculated on the BSE, NSE.
7) Why didn’t I get a share in Nureca limited IPO?
The reason for not getting a Nureca limited IPO could be:
The IPO is over-registered and the allocation process is completed by lottery
The IPO request was rejected due to inconsistencies / incomplete details
The price of the problem is higher than the bid price. (Always use for a discounted price).
8) When does the Nureca limited IPO come?
Nureca limited IPO will open bids on February 15, 2021. The IPO application closes on February 17, 2021.
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